Life Lessons with Uramichi #01 — On Screen Paragraphs

July 5th, 2021


Isn't that lesson 1 for how not to do a powerpoint slide?


I'm pretty sure that your opinion on this one is going to come down to how much you like its joke, and make no mistake, there is but the one joke. Uramichi or someone else says something tinged with existential despair as a darkened tint covers the screen. Like the 30 year old woman going "Ugh, I wish I was married." That's one of the sole female character on the show's approximately three lines, and her only joke. I'm not calling it out as a plea for gender representation here, but to illustrate the lack of effort put into the humor and the characters. I suppose at least it's not obnoxious with the music or direction, which is to say there's no blaring piano and precious little screaming. But that just leaves the dull static of the same joke failing to land over and over.

Which leaves me out of things to really say, except for fantasizing about what could have been. Reimagining this as kind of a 30 Rock workplace comedy is far too ambitious for anime, but they could have at least gone more of a Mitsudomoe approach and made the kids and/or adults really vulgar and inappropriate instead of always going for the non sequiturs. Any kind of narrative to focus things and provide the skeleton of a plot would have helped engage the audience as well. It got especially bad in the later going when it vomited up half a dozen characters, each with a literal paragraph on screen and read out of expository summary of their life stories. So tune in next week for… more of the same? The one joke?

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  • The Phantom says:

    This cheap creepy show about a guy playing with children and making creepy faces is outright disgusting, was there really nothing else to animate?

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