Idaten Gods #02 — Brought to You By Exposition

July 24th, 2021


Well, this went awful pretty fast.

Oh, oops. The first two episodes were simulcast, but not broadcast. Which means episode 3 won't be until August.


Another one of those episodes that confuses me how it was made. They clearly understood that an obnoxious infodump is excessive and stupid. They did the whole fast-forward bit. But then they just went ahead and surrounded it on all sides with more obnoxious infodumps. And then there was the bit where it kept going "Hey, don't you wonder how this setting works? WELL, WE'RE NOT GOING TO TELL YOU!" Over and over again. Which was, again, immediately followed by a power point presentation of a different set of random factoids, in service of nothing but filling out the appendix. Eventually, we get to a literal boardroom meeting of the antagonists, who go "Hey, we're the antagonists," have all their nameplates tossed up in a montage, and then the episode ends.

Great use of twenty minutes, guys. No plot. No real action. No story. No character development. Just a nonstop barrage of factoids about the setting sloughed out like refuse into the street, half of which were "Gee, that sure is weird and unexplained." You clearly understood that pulling this crap was bad, but you went ahead and did it anyway, at exhausting length. And this is where we leave things for the next two weeks. Wonderful.

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One Lonely Comment

  • ark noir says:

    im liking this because of its bizarreness though while its slow starting in terms of story im betting on it getting spicer later on.