Idaten Deities #03 — Anyway, Here’s Some Backstory

July 29th, 2021


Suddenly, exposition!

I guess this is going to be a week ahead of the terrestrial broadcasts on online streaming services, both Japanese (Fuji TV and Amazon Prime) and English (Crunchyroll).


Much improved over episode 2, although we're definitely due to getting to the point where they introduce the obligatory kryptonite and/or kill off/take captive the teacher, as all corny kung-fu things must do. It was still a decently animated and action packed episode of some rando jobbing to Rin to show off her power level. I feel like it would have definitely been improved had the other characters gotten at least a tiny moment to shine though instead of immediately being gibbed. Even if it was just one of them taking advantage of the single-minded focus on Rin to coldcock the monster of the week, that would have been better than the nothing they got.

The weakest part of the episode was definitely the story and pacing. The start was a continuation of the power point presentation that consumed last week's episode, and after the fight was over, it abruptly leaped into another power point presentation, this time given by an invisible narrator. That it was about Rin was also the only connection it had to literally anything. Even the slightest transition might have helped a little bit instead of a smash cut to Exposition Corner. They're also trying super hard to make Team Science come off as sinister, and so far, it's just silly. Maybe they actually are. But the giant clown shoes aren't helping.


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