Idaten Deities #01 — Just a Flesh Wound

July 22nd, 2021


Whatever the dude who did the OP is smoking, the show needs way more of that.


It's really hard to state how weird the OP sequence is. It's like they took a classic Shaft opening, full of anatomical dummies and vivisections reimagining characters as random dummies combined with other objects, overlaid an LSD filter to it, and then cranked the drugs to 11. Also, they included the gratuitous rape scene, now set to opera with theatrical flailing instead of overt fetishizing and sexualization, so… not exactly the best way to end an episode! There's quite a bit of light censoring in general using the artistic style, which is weird because it also likes to stab people in the guts for comical effect and everybody coughs up a gallon of pudding every time they're hit.

It is unfortunately, still quite Jump, by which I mean enamored of the peanut gallery providing a billion lines of unneeded exposition and a whole lot of grunting in place of real action. The artistic direction does an admiral job picking up the slack, but it's better in the interstitial bits, like the girl fairy-walking through an army undetected rather than the punchy bits. Not so much overreactions and yelling, thankfully. The protagonists especially are thankfully far more on the chill side. The antagonist, though… He needed to explain what a self-destruct was while also pressing a button marked "self-destruct." Yeah, I think we got it, guys. Still nowhere near as egregious as, say, Vanitas, but that character could have had literally zero lines the entire episode and it would have done nothing but improve every aspect of it.  


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