Dorm Mother of the Goddess Dorm #01 — There’s Nipples!

July 14th, 2021


…And, uh… that's it?

Moonlit whatever just re-ran the first episode a second time. Not literally. It was a giant spider this time who turned into a slave wife at the end instead of a giant dragon. But it remains poorly produced and had another nearly five minute jerk-off fest to how super mighty the protagonist's cheat powers were before going right back to the harem building, so… yeah. We out.


I'll admit, it's always a little jarring when the DVD-bait mist falls away and WHAM, AT-X uncensored wall to wall nipple barrage, although it does make the goofy balloon sound effects a little less corny when there's a visual of some aerola bouncing rather than a screen covered in white. There is unfortunately not a whole lot to this besides "has a lot of nipples" though. There be boobs. Broadcast is uncensored. And… are we going to be doing anything else? No? Hrmm.

It's obviously trying to court the T&A slapstick harem trend from a decade ago, but even among its kind, this was a rather poor showing. Hell, even shows like Yuuna or MM! had more of a narrative focus and a hook, and it definitely doesn't have the production strength to really have fun with the slapstick like something like Nagasarete Airantou, Girls Bravo, or even Lady vs Butlers. Heck, not even the overture towards action or soap opera drama of shows like Ikkitousen or even Burn Up. As you can see, I'm versed in trashy fanservice. I know worse from worsest. And this just has a dude walking in on naked girls and/or tripping and ending up with his face planted in their bikini areas.  

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