Cheat Pharmacy Slow Yada Yada #01 — Female Hysteria

July 7th, 2021


When did comedy become all screaming.


At least it didn't begin with the conversion therapy chapter. Instead, we get a bit about how girls can become hysterical paranoid murderous lunatics if they don't get enough sleep, which requires so goddamned much screaming. There was already a fair bit to that point because this fancies itself a comedy for some inexplicable reason, but it cranked things up to eleven for that segment. Which leads to the one vaguely positive thing I can say about the show. There were three segments of it. So the lack of any sort of plot, narrative, or connecting tissue between things only meant you had to suffer through any given (lack of) thought for about seven minutes at a time instead of the whole eight. It also skipped past any kind of introductory bit. If I was charitable, I would assume it's because they understood that the paragraph it uses for a title covers all that, but I'm not, so I have to assume that they got the first and second episodes mixed up.

It also bears mentioning that the art here is rough. Almost to a similar degree of shows that intentionally have sloppy art like Sonny Boy. It's not well animated at all, clearly, but even with the lack of that, people get all blobby and misshapen with a regularity that means some kind of spherical cabbage incident is inevitable in the future. I'm not even sure what the premise of having super powers is supposed to add. It checks a box, along with the slave harem of barely sentient demihumans, and we don't even get any fun facts about them. Except, of course, that females can become hysterical without a proper beauty regimen.

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  • The Phantom says:

    Unbearable is the word that came to my mind, 5 minutes in and I already was looking for something else to watch.

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