Battle Begins in Five Seconds #01 — Crafting is a Free Action

July 12th, 2021


Give me two seconds and I'll MacGyver up an entire escape room.


Certainly not breaking any new grounds here. Very tired and cliche "everybody gets a super power battle royale" show that isn't even trying to sell itself with any particular twists on the formula. It's not the worst cliche to engage in, mind you, especially in a season full of misogynist slave harem fantasies, but it relies much more heavily on execution, and this is firmly mediocre as far as these battle royale shows go, leaning heavily towards the lower end. A lot of times, you can sell these kinds of things solely on production strength, and this definitely doesn't have it. Things do improve as the episode go along, but the animation is, well, not as godawful as Peach Boy, but it's not much better either.

It also gets bogged down in both the middle and the end with the explanation of the stupid battle royale, which is a little weird because the actual fights flow fairly decently. A lot of swallowing of disbelief does need to be had for how the dude is able to rig together elaborate snares or dig out an entire chemistry set in seconds, but the scenes themselves aren't absolutely murdered by long explanations of basic chemistry or physics, or him having long internal monologues re-explaining the obvious situation. If the budget wasn't so terrible, those parts at least could have been decent, and the characters at least are baseline competent and not irritating overreacting prats, so you could salvage this, but as far as this episode goes, it's very much a pale imitation of things like Zodiac Wars or Darwin's Game, a comparison that's not at all complimentary. 


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