Battle Begins in Five #03 — Review and Reiterate

July 26th, 2021


The pacing already wasn't great, but I guess we had to slow things to a halt.


Oh, right. This sub-mediocre show exists. And serves as a reminder to look once again over the broadcast schedule for this season, remind myself that it's either this or a similarly zero budget show, but reincarnated in another world with god powers, a slave harem, and nonstop 'ironic' self-aware references to its own cliches, and become depressed. It's not even like I'm deliberately avoiding some darling of the internet like Re:Zero, Jojo, or Jobless Reincarnation. This season is just straight up bad.

Anyway, the weakest episode of an already not-great show, but the worst part of this episode wasn't that it threw together 10 people in a room, six of whom are prominently featured in the OP/ED and four of whom don't appear at all, and pretends like it's a big ol' mystery of what's going to happen. Or that they kept forgetting that a slingshot was in the girl's hand, so it magically appeared and vanished at random every shot. It's that it was twenty straight minutes of talking heads listing out their powers. Even getting through two and a half 'fights,' those were mostly just moving from people sitting around a table to people standing on a platform, and both anti-climactically ended as soon as they began. Take more of a Horizon approach, damn it. Let's see these wacky people go nuts. You don't throw a pro wrestler, prostitute, and a dozen idiot school children in a room if you're not here to have a good time. 

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  • The Phantom says:

    They are trying their hardest to look different from Mirai Nikki, but come on it looks a lot like Mirai Nikki.