Battle Begins in Five #02 — The Pantsless Wonder

July 19th, 2021


What an obnoxiously gratuitous episode.


Well, better than the first episode on the story and character fronts, worse on the animation front, and the girl's entire life being nothing but one long string of rapists and abusers is a bit much to take seriously. Whether it's her and her sister being neglected and abused, being literally murdered by a suicidal stalker, or having her fight be against a literal rapist murderer with his dick out, it's excessive to the point where things are just corny. It might have worked a little better had she been a bit broken and desperate herself, but she's scarily well-adjusted to all of it, even her own death. 

Anyway, I'm still fairly unimpressed by this, and don't expect to be anything more than a generic battle royale thing, mediocre at best, and probably falling on the low end of even that, but I'm also at a loss for anything else even half worth watching in the Saturday to Wednesday span. Save me, Fena. And Idaten/Sonny Boy for that matter, assuming both don't have miserable episodes this week. 


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