Wonder Egg Priority #13 — …What

June 30th, 2021


At this point, one has to wonder if they're tanking the show on purpose.


So, we have a double length episode. That's almost as much time as entire Adventure Time miniseries, so we're going to use that time to try to put together some kind of ending, right? Oh, we're spending 25 out of 45 minutes of it doing a clips montage recap? And the entire thing is them bumming around, wondering if maybe somebody should do something about the evil serial killer robot nightmare monsters or if they should keep ignoring them? And we're going to be piling on even more magical nonsense by bringing the magic albino back to life under Time Cop rules? Can only travel between dimensions if there's not one of you already there.

But wait, at least we have a wrapup to Koito's deal. See, apparently she was a sadistic manipulative bully, who had already previously harassed at least one teacher into killing himself, and was trying to do the same to the psychiatrist dude, but accidentally slipped and fell off the roof while lying about him raping her. I guess? This is all just given as a random voice over and then she snubs Ai, so I guess we're supposed to take that at face value? What an absolute mess of everything. I would love to know what happened to the writing in this show. It's hard to see how this is angling for a second season when it seems intent on burning every piece of goodwill anybody could have possibly felt for it.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    I’m pretty sure this production got killed. Not just in the “our schedule is so screwed we can’t finish this without two recaps, a delay, literally recruiting random foreigners from twitter for animating it, our last episode looked like shit and our animation producer got hospitalized twice during its run, bragging on twitter about he didn’t stay in the hospital but returned to his workplace instead” sense (I didn’t make any of this up btw) but, like, they actually scrambled together whatever for an episode and then put some non-conclusion “and the journey goes on” segment to it. The last bit pretty much confirms there won’t be a continuation.

    I can only assume this suffered from some Hoshiai no Sora situation. That one was originally planned for two cours and when they were in the midst of producing the first season, the producers decided to cut the costs and just go with one cour, leaving the production unfinished.

    The anime industry is truly fucked. When even Zombieland Saga requires 17 animation directors per episode on average (back in the days, three was above the norm) to get finished and anime studios unironically contact anyone with “animator” in their biography on twitter, a collapse is just waiting to happen. Sudden studio changes (OPM S2, Titan S4) with different staff just to rush out sequels of desired shows also add insult to injury.

  • residentgrigo says:

    Titan S4 looks great though, is well directed and uses the character design from the manga for the first time. The rest I agree with.

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    I thought the line about this being 25 minutes of recap was hyperbole.


    Good thing all those plotlines about dead girls and jealous robots went absolutely nowhere.

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