Vivy #13 — Let’s Put the Genocide Behind Us

June 19th, 2021


Have these writers ever met a human? Like, any human? At all?


I doubted there was any good way to end this, and boy, did they not succeed on literally any front. Vivy sings her song, averting the ultra apocalypse, leaving only the more anodyne regular apocalypse, and everybody lives happily ever after. That's right. After a massive terrorist attack perpetuated by the underclass, slaughtering millions and coming within inches of precipitating a global extinction event, everybody just decided "Eh, who among us? Let bygones be bygones." Sure, that one dude kicked a robot corpse, but that was just in the heat of the moment, because we jump to the future where Vivy sees that everything turned out fine because she re-re-re-re-re got her groove back for the fourth or fifth time by thinking about those happy times in her life, like when she helped a murder victim reconcile with her corpse stealing stalker killer, or mercy killed an enslaved mentally handicapped midwife. Such societal commentary. Very emotional. Yada yada. Etc etc. Wait, did we just murder literally the entire lower class and call it a happy ending? Oh, well, okay then.

Yeeeeeah. I don't know what more there is to say here. At best, it's a sappy and impossibly saccharine commercial for a generic JPop single. At worst, it's yet another blind spot the show has for how its social commentary makes no sense and misses the big picture in not noticing that it is committing atrocities and then ignoring them. The potential of early episodes went severely unrealized and basically none of the writing made any sense, let alone was consistent from episode to episode. All the time travel stuff went somehow both underused and the rules for it changed every time it came up, and on the character front Vivy spent most episodes sitting in the corner, waiting to be told what to do. Looking back, it's particularly egregious as the first arc ended by fridging a child for no good reason, to appease time rules they didn't follow and then changed later anyway.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Ark noir says:

    AI time travel = magic/conviction.

    Watching Yu-Gi-Oh 7s. That does a better job with how it’s incorporated and used A.I than this.

    All I know is every mission they did made stuff worse so if they had just let toak do a number on that archive tower at the beginning job would of been done, but we wouldn’t get cute teenage sailor a.i girl in the matrix fannying around with a terrahawks cube.

  • Anonymous says:

    I dont understand this ending. In the end by stunting AI development millions of people might have died during those 100 years but non of her missions were relevant to changing the key point to anything other than her herself becoming interesting to the archive. ep 2 gave me such hopes, I at least wanted to see some different self contained arcs with 20 year gaps but nope.

    I should have trusted my gut and dismissed this show as another singer looking for a vehicle for her songs