Vivy #12 — Reset and Redo

June 12th, 2021


Man, I am profoundly sick of this season's schtick of "A thing happened! Oh, wait. No it didn't."


I don't normally like focusing on the final moments of episodes, but when they pull "Oh, we're just resetting this episode. None of it happened. Let's do it again," then it feels a bit pointless to even talk about what happened in the episode because now it didn't happen. Vivy fails (not that she really tried, to be honest), but it's fine because they have a redo. There weren't even any big twists with why Archive went crazy or the like. It's just another one of the many crazy genocidal/suicdal robots/people in this show, which at this point I'm pretty sure outnumber the sane ones. There were only about five seconds of 'action' to look at on the other side, unless you want to count watching blips spin around in a CGI background, in which case there would be ten seconds of action.

So what does carry over? Well, Vivy got yelled at by Matsumoto some more to believe in herself. Yet again. Not feeling like the future-changing hero of the world when 12 episodes and a century of time has passed, and she still needs to be harrangued every step of the way into stepping up to the plate. We are so far past the point where the hero should still be floundering and struggling with the will to keep fighting, especially after an entire arc of that, and especially especially since it has been roughly half the arcs in this damn show. Take some goddamned initiative for once. Do you actually want to save the world, or are you just going to obey some obnoxious cube-dude every time he yells at you?


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