The Princess of Snow and Blood #11 — No Good Guys Ever Die

June 8th, 2021


What is it with this season and this crap?


Wouldn't you know it, but Not Lady Deathstrike is indeed a quite random miniboss for later, stampeded over and has a quite random mental breakdown in the middle of the fight over the pursuit of happiness? Uh, right. Okay. If you say so. Not the vibe I got from the hedonistic, drunk killing machine, but I wouldn't have guessed that her abritrary weakness was having her unbreakable adamantium bone tentacles broken by waving your hands at them either. And as everybody knows, smacking a metal bone tentacle causes massive internal bleeding. Cause and effect in this show are pretty much no longer a thing. And yet, the most egregious part of the first half was probably when Jun went "You don't have time to kill me and escape." Dude, you have a knife literally on your throat. Your estimation of the extra time it would take to kill you is wrong.

So then we transition right from that bit of nonsense into childbirth and the shocking… shocking I say, reveal that Asahi indeed was not dead. Who could have possibly seen that coming? And that's where we spend the rest of the episode, weeping over how two characters with unconvincing death scenes were never dead. And then I guess we're off to kill the emperor? Because that's the problem here. Not the entire setting? I don't get why they think this would be a fitting conclusion or wrap things up, but I guess we're heading off to fight some random magic dude behind a curtain. Great.

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