Seven Knights Revolution #12 — Womb Blast

June 20th, 2021


Boss design by Nicalis.


We coast to a relatively uneventful ending. Well, perhaps completely expectedly eventful is more accurate. Sophitia goes full body horror monster, Nemo reverts to his monster form to beat her, everybody lives happily ever after. Including Whose-His-Face, the wannabe Darth Vader, who I'm not totally sure earned his redemption, and his moment would have come much better at the very end to help Nemo win the final bit rather than stuffed at the middle. Slickly animated action the whole way through the episode though, in stark contrast to how phoned in other endings were this season. 

Still a little frustrating though, mostly because it once again flashed insight on the show that it could have been, but wasn't. That scene of 'Nemo' killing Nemo would have been fantastic had it come at the end of episode 1 (probably without the voices to keep the mystery) to create the question of what Nemo was and would have reframed his lack of understanding about basic human stuff as potentially malicious rather than just dumb. Similarly, Shirley and Ellen's scene of her saving her via vampirism was surprisingly emotional and they're a fine pairing… except that Shirley's episode was about inducting her into Nemo's harem, not her relationship with Ellen. It shows that they could have leaned into the ensemble cast side much stronger and it would have been better for it. 

Certainly not the best show out there, but far more competent and well-made on most fronts than I think a lot of people gave it credit for, and the only show this season I watched that didn't completely fall apart in the second half and instead got stronger. I just really wish the script had had a little better editing to smooth out the rough edges, especially around Nemo in early episodes.


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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • NeclordX says:

    I really enjoyed this show. Im aware my standars have fallen very low, but eh, it is fantasy show about heroes fighting monsters where there is actualyl fantasy and heroes fighting monsters, that alone puts it already above lot of current and recent shows.
    Plus it has a beginning and an end, another rarity nowdays.

    Is sad when you think a show is “good” not because its good but because everything else in the genre is atrocious but—well, here we are, may as well enjoy valhalla burning.

  • Ark noir says:

    I’ve been behind on this season’s anime and just caught up. This was dire because everything felt small scale and boring . The hero spirits, the kids, the world and even the story in general. The only intrigue was rad Spencer jr which was decent but the final boobs was thirsty for bionic boy’s hero….or his grapping hook.

  • The Phantom says:

    This show was godawful, but one of the better godawful shows I have seen in recent years. Will miss it certainly.