Seven Knights Revolution #11 — Darth Abbreviated

June 13th, 2021


You are the most pathetic Sith lord, dude.


Who would have thought this would be the show that's actually hitting its dramatic and emotionally inspiring beats? Nemo (and Nemo's) end speech was definitely the highlight of the week across all the shows as a lead-in to the final boss battle. Maybe because he gives it rather than having to be berated out of his funk for the ten thousandth time. Or that having an arm cut off is a good reason to be in a bit of shock. Or maybe it's just that it hasn't been full of bad plot twists and deus ex machinas. Yeah, Whose-Her-Time-Mage-Face showed up and healed Nemo, but he could have also just regenerated from generic healing magic and/or because he's some kind of slimy hellspawn and it still wouldn't have been to the level of what Vivy pulled, or as corny as Back Arrow's endless nonsense. Just a very standard fantasy/RPG plot with enough jumping from one side to another, good guys going crazy for misplaced revenge, dismemberments, and denouments to keep things spicy without any one being milked to death.

That said, I definitely think my appreciation of this episode is more based on how awful the rest of this week's lead-ups to their finales have been. It definitely needed a bit more action, and Gales's (possible?) unceremonious end after going full monster to attack literally just once just underscored how lame and silly his character was. His goddamned corruption scene lasted longer than his time as Sith lord. He and Joe should have been combined into one dude and been a bit more central to make Nemo's betrayal more personal. It's also never great when the whole big world-dooming stuff is based on people just withholding information for no good reason, but that ship sailed with Japanese writing/culture a few centuries ago. Or just not have spirit buddies that exist solely for random exposition. Oh well.

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