Back Arrow #24 — Roe Vs Wade

June 18th, 2021


This season of Cells at Work got weird.

Aiming for next Friday for the Summer season preview. There are nearly double digit "I got reincarnated with cheat powers" shows next season, so… man, I am past ready for Japan to find a new schtick.


At this point, this show mostly just provides a nice contrast to Seven Knights in the form of "RPG script gone completely wrong." Everything is some kind of space god-baby creation fleet, all the dead characters come back to life to take over the show and create a spirit bomb to defeat… not the last boss, but Rudolf and his pet clown. The last boss just kind of went down with barely a whimper. I kind of lost interest at the point where they started yelling that they wouldn't be the metaphysical building blocks of space babies being artificially kept alive from space plague, and that wasn't even the worst part of the episode.

But the real dumbest part of this whole ending was that it sidelined all the protagonists for most of the final fight so it could celebrate the various murderous antagonists who happened to be on your side for 1% of their lifetime and were otherwise responsible for countless atrocities. Hell, even the one good guy doctor dude only got a shoutout. The best part though? Apparently they were all up to date on all the random exposition that had gone down since their deaths, and were happy to further add to it. I'm sure what everybody was hoping for in the finale was Emperor Zetsu giving a long explanation about how his data was released from the mountain of doomed souls.

And then they go fly off into space to… uh… deal with other space babies, I guess? Or we were part of a particularly strong cancer cell that is now spreading through the space baby system? Wait, are we rooting for infant leukemia here? There are questions here that I neither want to ask, nor want answered. I'm just relieved it's over.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Ark noir says:

    Conviction is the new magic. That full dive RPG anime has dipped into that reservoir now. As long as you believe you can do anything kids even make ren turn the vengeance shit characters died( fine and zetsu)
    And that upset me. Rudolph may as well of been God for all the stuff he did.

    P.s old village chief was my MVP. No one listened to him at all as chief, no one listened as ex chief. When Lutoh got attacked (ep16?) and he was with kids when doctor saved them in his robo. They screamed for help the kids, old man screamed in same voice. That desperate for attention the old goat .

  • Anonymous says:

    I was fine with it being its crazy self, all I wanted was a clear ending but it would not give it to me. like gundam age it just keeps going