Back Arrow #23 — Generic RPG Bosses

June 11th, 2021


And Rudolf is demoted to fighting the healer.


Yawn. To the shock of nobody, especially given how all of this season's original shows have gone, Rudolf was not dead and now that the good guys have discovered the power of friendship, pops back up to be Miniboss Part 7 as he changes to a slightly more devilish finaler form before hopping into the dimensional gap to find the angelic last boss, who looks just like the one minister of Rekka had a baby with Arrow, but I guess is just a coincidence because nobody comments on it? Uh, all right. Anyway, I've played JRPGs before. Hell, I translated a particularly long and crappy one with this exact goddamned plotline, right down to the amnesiatic agent of destruction trimming the world tree. This is ground that was well trod back in 2004, guys. The retro stuff is kind of the charm, but you need to execute it well, not just go through the motions mimicking ancient RPG scripts. 

So it's up to the action to carry the episode, but we're half-assing it there too with stills all over the damn place. Is that Rudolf's ultimate power? That every time he shoots generic beams of doom, the animation budget drops to zero? At best, we get explosions and screaming because we're once again doing the thing where beams and swords just plain don't work against slowly spinning tops. Dudes floating in the air, cackling about their invincibility does not a good action scene make. 

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