Back Arrow #22 — …And Then Everybody Went Home

June 4th, 2021


What happened to the last third of this episode exactly?


I really expected some kind of crazy bonkers crap from Shu, like he had traveled beyond the world and was now back as a hacker of reality, now knowing the truth of the world. Instead, it's just that his briheight is that he can create astral projection clones or whatever of himself, which pretty succinctly explains both his disappearing act and how he can appear fifty feet tall. Still spent goddamned five minutes on it. They then adjourn to the cafeteria to discuss the structure of the world. It's the usual "one leaf on a multiverse tree feeding the energy of the root" nonsense which eats up easily half the episode for some reason.

At this point, they realize that there hasn't been any action, and roughly 50% of the people attending the lecture are about to be totally written out of the rest of the show, so Kai demands a round of punchies before they go. And, uh, so they have it in one of the most embarrassingly poorly animated fight scenes not just in this show, but in possibly any show this season. I really cannot express how poorly animated most of this fight was. Not just for trying to pass speedlines-on-stills as action, but also bad music and sometimes not even bothering to put speedlines at all. It was baaaaaad. All this for Arrow to declare "I don't want to die, and I will save the world," so Kai can scoff and blush. Then, again, they realize that that was kind of terrible, so every female is covered in blushing and immediately begins rubbing themselves against Arrow and a corny sax kicks in to try to fix the vibe. Seriously here. Even for this show, the last five minutes of this episode was both terrible and bizarre. It's like the normal staff kicked off and left it to some dudes who hadn't worked on a show since the early 90s.


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