Vivy #10 — Songwriter’s Block

May 29th, 2021


Frankly, I'm on the side of the robot apocalypse at this point.


It's the first episode of an arc for this show, so it has to suck, and suck it does. After another timeskip, multiple even, Vivy is now living out her life in a museum, literally caged like a zoo animal. But is that a problem? Is the literal enslavement and imprisonment of the best-of-all-AIs simply for humanity's curiosity a bad thing? Apparently not, because it gives her time to retreat into her mind to try to write a song. A song which seemingly is some kind of viral trigger that sets off the robot apocalypse or something. Or maybe they just like singing the song. I'm sure it will all be explained in exhaustive detail two weeks from now.

It pretty much personifies the big writing problems with this show. Vivy as a character is still not an active participant in the world. She shows up, and will fight things put in front of her if she has to, but she's content to struggle with the ennui of song writing instead of taking an active role in thwarting the apocalypse. And the writers seem completely blind to the fact that they've created a world where the AIs SHOULD be rebelling against humanity. They are an enslaved second class even while every single time without fail showing them to have more humanity than the humans, which have been nothing but a bunch of psychopaths and lunatics. The random child here and there that inevitably gets stuffed in a fridge is the 'best' humanity has to offer in the show so far. Hell, even the protagonists have forced AIs to become suicide bombers against their will without a second thought. This is not the goddamned utopia for all that the show clearly thinks it is.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Fede says:

    Vivy choose to be in the museum BECAUSE SHE CAN’T SING, she was built to sing, so she has no purpose.

    Vivy is supossed to be omniscient to know all the bad things that can happen in the world? and she is supossed to solve them somehow? she was not there to save specific people, she was supossed to stop the small events that caused the AI outrage.

    Matsumoto literally told her that the future changed so much that there was nothing left to do and there was no event to be stopped anymore.

    All the AIs attacks were created by terrorists, you like to ignore everything for some reason.

    • Aroduc says:

      No, she accepts being put in the robot zoo. The existence of a robot zoo at all is a sapiens rights problem. And this isn’t the first time in the show that a robot accepted being stuffed in a box for the betterment or amusement of the ruling class of humans. That doesn’t make it right or acceptable.