Vivy #09 — Deep Voiced Girls

May 22nd, 2021


Down with the patriarchy!


Well, at least the action was back on point, as it always is for the last episode of an arc. It had me worried at the start too when the stupid duplo dog was hopping around idiotically and then we were stuck listening to lunatic murderers rant incoherently for about five straight minutes. Unfortunately, that's where this episode kind of sucks. Both antagonists here are basically nothing more than crazy obsessed psychopaths. Anthony for all intents and purposes murdered Ophelia to take her place years ago because He Knows Best, and the other dude just fully Teminator'ed himself out of generalized spite. Then, at the end of it, Vivy re-resets, erasing the last three episodes. Vivy 2.0 was not the right move, but erasing her is worse. 

But the middle of the episode did include a very impressive bit of high octane butt kicking. Enough to make up for how dull the last two episodes were? Nah. This arc should've been a single episode with how wafer thin these antagonists were and it would have made throwing out the 'new' Vivy a lot more palatable if it had been a one-off rather than almost an entire month. It's hard to feel like she grew, developed, or even learned anything. Compressing events would have helped give at least the impression that it was more of a coping mechanism and attempt at denial. Having a big ol' death scene for 2.0 where she disintegrates due to Need A Tragic Anime Moment So Let's Milk The Hell Out Of It probably didn't help that either.


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  • residentgrigo says:

    1&2 were kinda good. 3-6 were still solid enough but it all unspooled by now due to a lack of plot or money. A show about music changing the world show also put some of its money into music rights and figure out how to make decent music videos. The one at the end of this ep. was a production trainwreck. Why is this ageless robot dressed as a schoolgirl and why is she talking over the song? I am done with the show.