Vivy #08 — Sad Girls in Planetariums

May 15th, 2021


Boy, when we stop trying and stall for time until the ending, we really stop trying.


Oh great, we need to rewrite the playbook, because instead of this being a two-parter, it's a three parter, and the rules are apparently not "every second episode must suck" but "only the final episode of each arc must not suck," although we'll have to see if that holds next week. Which is also assuming that this episode is a three parter, but we'll burn that bridge if we need to. Which is the long way of saying that this was another absurdly slow and tedious episode of absolutely nothing. A random dude pulls a gun and shoots Vivy. When in the episode? Seventeen minutes in. It doesn't even get to starting to get into who the random dude is until after the credits roll, which it does by random unrelated flashback.

And that's it. That's the entire 'what happened this week' for the summary. Christ, guys. We could've been done with this before the OP played, but instead, we had to have the character literally named after a suicidal crazy woman moping around being yelled at by a giant tuna can, and then wistfully longing for the days when she had the abusive support of her own personal Ike Turner. Even the suicide thing isn't that convincing when you have armies of robot murder groups running around seemingly unchecked, and, might I add, will actually have been the third case of AI suicide in the show to date, or if you want to count each individual kamikaze robot from the last arc, something closer to the six thousand and forty ninth. But hey, sure, we'll get to the spy-robot-fighting-terrorists part next week. Maybe. Because who wants to see that when we can wallow while staring at dead abusive tin cans who are also secretly possessive ghosts or some crap. I don't know. I don't want to dwell on the last 15 seconds of the episode when I'm sure half of next week will be spent laboriously explaining it all.


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