Vivy #07 — Suffering From Success

May 8th, 2021


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Apparently the fallout from watching a lunatic shoot himself last episode is that Vivy's had a complete mental breakdown, repressed/forgot everything, and turned into a pop superstar. Well, since it was an odd numbered episode, I was prepared for it to kind of suck, and it certainly lived up to that expectation. Aside from the Sister of the Fortnight, that about covers the entire plot of the episode. And the Sister this time is named Ophelia. You know, a character who is specifically known for being a tragic crazy person. But existing is all she does this episode. 

So I guess we're doing a whole arc about Vivy 2.0 deciding to get out of her excessive positivity funk and go back to trying to save the world. This episode didn't really try to establish any kind of crisis that would pull her back in though, and spending the last quarter of the episode arguing with that stupid cube is definitely not a good way to hype up the next episode. Almost three straight minutes of watching a cube pulse and rant, then the episode just unceremoniously ends. So I guess this post will too as well, just to be in the same spirit.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • residentgrigo says:

    The anime is ok but all these 2 parters need all to be turned into one parters.

  • Anonymous says:

    What, who? Half the time with the show I feel like I missed an ep. Suddenly the main character has a new personality that is different from her previous one as day is from the night.

    Her primary “dream” was to get to the main stage and she did it of screen.

    My guess would be she needed to split into 2 to bypass the whole 1 mission per bot limit without the mental strain but I dont see why the 2 would be so different and very underwhelming to see her bridge the gap from fake human to humanish human, off screen.

    When the show covers many years, you need 1 constant. usually the MC