Vivy #06 — Gummi Ship

May 1st, 2021


How many times exactly are we going to be dipping into the well of evil twins?


Okay, so in this case, it was just a random ineffectual assassin robot clone because the real one was enslaved to be the core of the slave-child island, but on the other hand, apparently she nursed the dude after the untimely death of his mother as a child, going right into a relationship with her, which totally isn't creepy at all on any level. And she just happily went off to be the slave mother brain without a second thought, so not exactly a tragic figure here, except in the sense that she seemed incapable of actually empathizing with or actually connecting with people, which undermines all the rest something fierce. I can't go on with my life without… the robot who groomed me from a child was taken away? The unfeeling, uncaring realdoll that I fell in love with has been replaced with a replica? The despair is too much! All happiness is lost! This was not a healthy or happy relationship, dude. It would not have been one even if she was flesh and blood.

Also not helping was despite this being an even numbered episode, the budget wasn't really there, so they handed it off to the CGI department, and apparently all that they had to work with was off the shelf assets. Are we seriously using this janky goofy-ass Kingdom Hearts gummi ship as our attempt to do a cool flying sequence? It looks like a goddamned bunch of marshmallows slapped together. Maybe that's why they tripled the framerate for the dogfight scene and covered it in explosions so you couldn't see a damned thing that was going on. It's nice they worked in the terrorists too so they could… uh… immediately turn around and leave within five minutes of the episode? Way to show up and collect your paycheck, random dude. Not helping the feeling that this is all kind of haphazardly thrown together, especially when it zooms in on Vivy's face again and all of a sudden the fidelity is so high that you could pick out the zits on the electro-mites infesting her hair. 


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