The Princess of Snow and Blood #09 — Lady Deathstrike

May 25th, 2021


We are not very creative with our backstories.


The drunk new character, although not actually new, is okay enough, but we have the same problem that the show's been struggling with for the last four episodes. Sawa's aimless, drifting, and just being dragged along, not a master of her fate or even engaging with the world in any way. There's some conspiracy going on about using her blood to create an unstoppable army of monsters, and the various people getting high off it, but that's where we've been since about episode 2, and the only thing that indicates we've been getting any closer to resolving it is that the episode count is starting to run out. 

So we have half the episode that's just Sawa going to her deserted village wreck, and then she leaves again. At this point, we realize that not much has happened in the episode, so some random train hijackers spawn out of nowhere for Rinko to knife because apparently she's a particularly gregarious Lady Deathstrike, full of special magical metal. And then she poofs out of the episode again? Okay, I guess she'll be a miniboss for later or something. Glad she explained her entire backstory to some random hijackers. How else were we going to work it in?


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