The Princess of Snow and Blood #07 — Hiding in Plain Sight

May 11th, 2021


Not really hiding, are we?


So, wait. The place she's gone into hiding is… with her only living relative? And by hiding, we mean not hiding in any way whatsoever at all. Not even bothering to take a fake name or anything like that. And apparently Makoto was obssessed/in love with Sawa all along? And she was dying from, uh… anime sickness, except she took some of the blue mojo and now she's fine? The best written part of the episode may have been that Whose-His-Face was just rolling his eyes and humoring their corny faking of her death, but it doesn't make what he's after any more clear, and we're long past the point where the story should be playing coy with the characters, especially with the plot at a standstill since Snakeman's death.

Makoto is too all over the place to be much of a villain, and this entire arc continue to flounder. Is she sick? Is she a stalker? Is she looking for Sawa? Oh, wait, she knew where Sawa was all along. These things keep bouncing back and forth while Sawa herself just bums around with random nondescript generic nice dude. Frankly, I kind of hope the kid really is dead, but I doubt it. A little splash of blood and then letting her hand fall is weak form even for a stage play, and we're already on about our fourth death fake-out in the last three episodes, some of which were from straight up magic. 

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