The Princess of Snow and Blood #06 — Impeccable Nonsense

May 4th, 2021


You are not as smart as you think you are, show.


Another floundering episode, although when it begins by going "So, I said this drug kills you, but it's actually a magic potion that only kills you for a few hours and then brings you back to life, no harm, no foul, now let me explain a master plan relying on perfect timing, coincidence, and complete contrivance which will all just happen to work out." And then it spent the next goddamned ten minutes of the episode explaining every single idiotic detail, pretending that everything working out was a stroke of genius planning and not just really, really bad writing. Not that I expect much better from this show after Snake Dude, but can we at least not probe every single stupid detail of your nonsense? Particularly when you're saying things like "the random 11 year old delivery boy will arrive precisely 12 minutes after the hour, and the timing here is the CRUX to making sure everything works." This is some Clock King level nonsense without being dressed like a timepiece or ranting at a billionaire dressed like a bat.

And yet, it still compares favorably to the second half of the episode, which spiraled into nonsense. Well, there were a couple parts about Makoto apparently going crazy and probably getting mindjacked by Snake Dude, but that quickly gave way to quite literally a bunch of random rich dudes in a shadowy room discussing the current geopolitical situation with a curtain. So Whose-His-Face goes out and murders a couple cops who were beating protestors right in front of them. Very covert. Truly hiding your true intents and whatnot. 

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