Seven Knights Revolution #09 — Face Turn Costume Change

May 30th, 2021


I would rather watch her adventures to be honest.


It's kind of funny how baddy girl randomly loses various accoutrements over the course of the episode until she's a normal looking rogue. Okay, so losing the eyeshadow to the tears was a kind of nice touch at least on a symbolic front, but all the rest of the costume change happened at random offscreen. Was she adjusting her clothing while they were fighting Darth Sidious there? When you costume change, you really costume change. Yes, I am deflecting a bit because it was another mixed episode, and yes, I know we're probably supposed to take all of that as part of her transformation, but everybody else gets a complete overhaul, and she gets… boob mesh and a tiara? New boots? The eyeshadow wasn't even part of her costume, but something she had to put on/take off herself? Man, the effort needed to look evil these days.

Anywho, Ellen pulls super power out of her butt to de-invincible the miniboss, then falls over again as quickly as she popped up. It was still a decently done fight after that, and will probably actually be pretty good once they fix the frame rate in the DVD version, because… wow, the start of that clearly needed another day to finish the animation. So they beat him, Palpatine is revealed to be the boob lady and her crystal plague curse or whatever, but we've got to have an episode over Nemo being the evil chosen one first. Not quite building to a conclusion though with three episodes left, but that's what happens when your main character has the charisma of an inert carbon rod.

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  • NeclordX says:

    I guess she didn’t costume change, she is just like the protagonists, when they are posessed by their heroic spirit they get silly overdesigned armors, and when dispells go back to normal uniform.
    Evil girl just lost the possession and got back to her normal costume that we couldn’t see because she appared posessed since the beginning