Seven Knights Revolution #08 — Killing Off Unpopular Characters

May 23rd, 2021


Man, I wish this show was just slightly better in literally any dimension.


You can really tell who the fan favorite baddie is, and it ain't either of the dudes quickly reduced to sobbing wrecks from too much darkness power and then unceremoniously executed. The show did do a broadly better job with rehabilitating the girl this week. The reveal that Nemo was one of the baddie homunculi that got thrown out or lost or whatever does square a few minor circles, but still comes across as more of trying to make an excuse for how milquetoast his character is than growing him. It was admittedly the best of all his very weak inspirational "friends are the real power" speechs though, so at least something of a move in the upward direction. 

The back end of the episode got a bit weird from a production front though. They run into the Vader of the raid and then we cut away to have someone go "Oho, the PROTAGONIST is the key here," which is the cliffhanger for the ED to kick in… then we go back to fight him for about three minutes as I guess the pre-fight for next week? With only half of the animation as the other fight, and we're going with "dude just has total invincibility," the worst of all bad cliches. And then the episode just sort of stops at random. Kind of feel like we should have rearranged a number of scenes here to get things to a sensical ending point, guys.

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  • The Phantom says:

    Maybe that useless dude will backstab the princess? Please series just do that, pierce her with that fucking hook thing from behind when all is over-