Back Arrow #21 — Brought To You By: Toy Sales

May 28th, 2021


I'm glad Bit transformed… multiple times… so he could do absolutely nothing.


Boy, I'm totally shocked by Shu not actually being dead. Who could have possibly seen that coming? And now he's giant. So, the writing is certainly staying on its course. Anyway, another fairly weak episode that felt like it was written by marketing more than anything. But that's what we get when we try to highlight Bit of all terrible characters. The first half is basically just the two sides going "I laser everything" and "I heal everything." Then the CM break hits and instead we get a few minutes of Bit screaming and blatant toy commercials set to a particularly bizarre operatic insert song. 

At this point the writers get tired of Rudolf and so he abruptly loses his invincibility because Zetsu swung his Arrow-Sword slightly harder and the entire cast fanboys out over Zetsu one last time for his suicide attack to definitely not actually beat Rudolf. Ridiculously fanboys out. I say point, but the time between Rudolf de-stabbing himself that is the start of Zetsu's death scene to the end took almost five minutes. That's a long time to be monologuing with swords/arms stuck in each other, but I guess we had to jump to every goddamned person in the cast cheering and/or crying to milk every little thing. I still have no idea why we're celebrating an imperialistic genocidal slaver war monger. For honor? For honor.


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