Back Arrow #20 — Rudolf Continues To Pontificate Pt 6

May 21st, 2021


Man, am I tired of listening to him.


Are we seriously trying to promote Bit to a starring role as a hero? The craven coward who the entire cast patronizes and humors as a joke character? It's about as convincing as pretending Shu's dead, but I guess we're still doing that too. But I guess we're also comparing that to Zetsu forcibly turning Arrow into a sword, de-ageing himself, while all his vassals excitedly shout "Your Majesty!" So Rudolf transforms to his ultimate mech form and destroys everybody with a god beam. Except then Fine uses her love beam to heal everybody. So, yeah, then the gag character transforms into a magic bracelet that transforms battleships into bigger battleships.

…Sigh. Nothing in this extended Rudolf arc has been particularly good or made any real sense, and not in the somewhat amusing way from the first half of the show. It's probably that easily half of every recent episode has been devoured by listening to Rudolf rant incomprehensibly about being the hand of God and then indiscriminantly fire lasers while being invulnerable to laser fire himself through the power of writer laziness. This is not how you do a good villain, guys! It's all blather and fireworks with writer-laziness based invulnerability. The fights against him don't elevate either him or the protagonists, and defeating him is just a question of when his plot armor is going to disappear. 

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