Back Arrow #19 — Everybody’s Sparklies

May 14th, 2021


And the award for least convincing death scene goes to…


The worst part of this episode may be the cliffhanger, but that's also selling the rest of it short for how dull it was. Rudolf rants. Ro3K Empire declares they will defy god's will because they're the bestest. Arrow makes silly faces and screams about his anguish. Then they pull straight out of their butts not only supposedly that Arrow now just straight up vaporizes all living things that he touches, but that he did so to Shu. All this happening under the veil of the illusionist clown. It's a completely ridiculous twist involving multiple people who pull these kind of tricks and bluffs constantly, one of which who spent the entire episode in a lab going "Oho, I'm coming up with a super duper plan," while a toddler threw a tantrum at him. 

You'll also notice that the princess is not part of any of the above at all. Which makes it extra bizarre that she's the centerpiece for the dramatic moment of the episode where Evil Princess sacrifices herself to get purged to take out Arrow's magic bracelet. And… uh… that's kind of the sum total of the conclusion to her character arc, I guess. She goes out to confront Arrow, flashback to Shu telling her she can deal with Arrow, and then tears and turning into sparklies, same as a dozen other characters in the last two weeks. Also, why are we supposed to feel anything for the crazed warlord personality who was torturing and murdering her citizens again?

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