Back Arrow #18 — Soul Nomad

May 7th, 2021


So that's the game they were playing when they wrote it.


Not to jump to the end here, particularly because the reveal is in like the first couple minutes of the episode, but the whole bind warper thing is apparently some kind of weird-ass soul harvesting scheme and Arrow is the designated emissary of destruction or whatever. Which means that we can now summarize the whole of Back Arrow as "Soul Nomad, but with mechs." I can only say apparently because all of this info dumping, as well as the cultist stuff, was one of Rudolf's crazy-ass plots, and I'm not sure how much stock we should be putting in the rantings of a insane megalomaniac who drinks wine through his shoulders and employs a clown while mass murdering entire dreadnoughts to imprison them in mountains literally made of human suffering.

It was an episode at any rate. A little anti-climactic since all the reveals were at the start and then we spent the rest of the time either making silly crazy faces to show the depths of your suffering, murdering obnoxious side choirs, or unsatisfying sparring against that stupid clown who will neither go away nor elevate themself to the level of a serious antagonist. You're losing fights to Atlee, girl. Atlee. Not that I have anything against offing the choir, but given the reveal that giant beams of death are instead imprisoning the souls in random rocks, I'm not totally convinced that anybody's dead any more either and we aren't going to be ending this with a great big hug and laugh routine. 


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