Vivy #05 — Don’t Date Robots!

April 24th, 2021


That's how you get electro-gonnorhea.


It's an odd-numbered episode, so it's apparently contract-bound to suck a bit. We jump forward a handful of years again to both a billionaire AI scientist who married an AI. Admittedly, they don't make a huge deal out of the dude boffing a robot, but by the same token, popular culture was making fun of James Franco in a committed relationship with a body pillow over ten years ago. If we found out tomorrow that Elon Musk had married a real doll, that would probably be hailed as the most human thing he's done in years.

Anyway, the actual focus is an entire island of nothing but bots with child-level intelligence. So… essentially a slave island of children if we're saying all these things are sentient. Predictably, the anti-AI toons attack, and because only even numbered episodes can't suck, they don't attack until 20 minutes into the episode. And then Vivy turns all the slave robot children babysitters into kamikaze bombs. You really want the omnic crisis? This is how you get the omnic crisis. And wouldn't you know it, but her old flame was part of the attack. 

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