Vivy #04 — Evil Robot Twin

April 17th, 2021


Has introducing an evil twin ever not been dumb?


Oh for Christ's sake. An evil identical AI twin? That's the surprise twist behind why the seemingly innocuous stewardess suddenly went crazy? On top of that, the lead terrorist here and her master is that racist kid Vivy saved a bit back. But the real failure of the writing here was probably when Liz, the killer twin, decided to hijack the entire terrorist mission, knock out her master, and all the other anti-AI terrorists were like "Wait, are we obeying the robot we hate now? Uh, I guess we are. It's cool guys. We can trust her." Uh, yeah. Right.

But at least the budget showed up again, so it does look like we're indeed going to be doing the one episode on, one episode off thing. That said, it wasn't particularly well weaved into the episode. They just kind of waltzed up to the station's core or whatever, interrupted the villanous monologue to have a brief kung-fu fight, and then with still about six minutes… a quarter of the episode… left, it was time to really milk the hell out the suicide-to-save-everybody scene. And I mean really really really milk the hell out of it on every level, from wailing sad piano, even up to the evil twin turning good again, culminating in doves flying off into space to symbolize their sacrifice. We are less than subtle.

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