Vivy #03 — Babysitting in Space

April 10th, 2021


Feels like we're already struggling with the budget.


I would say that this episode was a massive step down from the previous, but it was fairly in line with the first episode, so I can't help but wonder if this is going to be the template for the show. One boring, plodding episode of pure setup where Diva/Vivy bums around, placidly running into a few people, and then one action packed episode that gets all the effort and budget of fighting AIs and/or terrorists. It doesn't help either that so much of this episode was quite literally just sitting around, waiting for any shoe to drop. We're working off of future knowledge here. Why are we playing super coy about something might happen. We know something will happen. You could toss up some misdirects or red herrings at least. Or have her investigate. Or actually do anything besides simply exist in a place where we're told something interesting is going to happen… some other episode.

The first half in particular is almost entirely white noise. This whole episode could have easily been five minutes. She goes to space. Plays babysitter with a couple other bots. Waits for something… anything… to happen. At quite literally the closing seconds of the show, after the credits even, one of them rips the other's head off. Then we cut straight to the next episode preview which is all kung-fu fighting and space cultists. That's already fifteen times more action than was present in this episode and there's almost more to talk about there than everything in the preceeding 20 minutes.

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