Those Snow White Notes #01 — Suddenly, SWAT

April 2nd, 2021


What happened to the last five minutes of this episode?


Another profoundly bizarre show. Sure, most of it is pretty consistently goofily melodramatic, but the last five minutes or so, things take a dramatic left turn into crazyville. Having inserted himself into a domestic squabble between a failed actress (who took him home after he passed out in the street instead of calling an ambulence) and her cheating punk rock boyfriend, she makes him go on stage because her boyfriend is throwing a tantrum, where he plays traditional shamisen music and brings the house down. Because if there's anything punk rock fans are fans of, it's classical medieval banjos. Okay, so it's corny about music. But then we get to the end of the episode where a woman from AngstMan's past literally blows up his door with a team of SWAT agents. Then the ED kicks in. The rap ED. It's like at the 15 minute mark, they handed off the scripts to someone's 12 year old over-excited kid.

Again though, it was melodramatic to a ridiculous level for the first 15 or so minutes of the episode. The girl rambled out of nowhere about what an empty shell she was. The dude was so depressed by the death of his banjo grandfather that he had become disgusted with sound. Not just music, the very concept of sound. And yet, his playing (which he despises) causes magical sparklies that entrance and betwitch everybody around him. That's just how talented he is. And sanctimonious too. It's lucky the boyfriend turned out to be a violent cheating ass, otherwise, picking a fight with a dude at his own party might have come off a bit terribly! It's all so silly, and if not for the special ops soldiers blowing up a door, I would think that the creators weren't in on the joke.

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  • ZakuAbumi says:

    Your undying faith to CLAMP should command you to check out the new bizarro Cardfight Vanguard show, its writing was completely insane in so many ways and it had like a one minute long sakuga sequence that most likely killed every action show this season by comparison, Wonder Egg Priority excluded.

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