The Saint’s Magic is Omnipotent #01 — Privilege and Pretty Boys

April 6th, 2021


It's a good thing we cut past months of nothing to get to… nothing.


Let's see here. Woman is summoned to another world and is given everything on a silver platter. We're supposed to take that someone else is afforded fame as a slight, but even then, everybody she interacts with is supportive and amiable. Then we simply cut to months later and it goes "And then she saved the day." The story here was already non-existent and the characters not struggling to overcome anything at all, not even feelings of inadequacy or resentment for being snubbed. Now we're jumping right to celebrating vindication over our specialness?

The cardinal sin here is that it's just plain boring. There's no conflict. No development. No dramatic elements at all. Perhaps that's the point, but then we try to have a moment of triumph at the end of the episode. We're not exploring or developing any character here. There's just a parade of attractive men, each with different brightly colored hair, who come on screen to gab with her and then leave as quickly and uneventfully as they arrived. It's definitely not a comedy. Without the dumb "summoned to another world" premise, this would be a story about a woman who was given absolutely everything except fame on provenance of birth, and then given that too. But what does it even do with the premise? So… what on earth is this supposed to be at all?


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