The Princess of Snow and Blood #05 — Fake Death Extravaganza

April 27th, 2021


But we're okay with publishing an autobiography of being a secret government assassin?


Not too terribly surprisingly, this felt like an episode that was floundering quite a bit. Maybe that's partially intentional as a way of reflecting Sawa's depression and post-traumatic breakdown, Elena getting pregnant, and Makoto fumbling around in general, but given the writing in the show so far, I'm not terribly inclined to give it the benefit of the doubt. Especially not when it was so hamfisted about so much of it, particularly Elena spending the entire episode fussing over her stomach. Literally every damn scene this episode, to be immediately followed by "Is it that obvious?" Yes. Yes it was.

It's also a bit far out of character for her of all of them to go "Welp, gonna be a mother. That's the end of everything I want to do with my life." Her death was also about as convincing as Sawa's. A burned house with someone with blonde hair. Well, that's airtight evidence. At least blow her up in front of Sawa. That's what we did for the random gravedigger dude. Why does she get the short end of the stick for fake deaths?


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