The Princess of Snow and Blood #04 — Excessively Poor Lab Safety

April 20th, 2021


Who even hooks up their pipe organ to the lights?


Kind of a weird episode on an overall story front that mostly make me wonder what exactly the show is going to do from here. She kills the big bad and brings basically every major plot thread to this point to a close, leaving just the sort of random setting stuff lingering. On top of that, it ends with her realizing maybe she needs to keep taking care of the kid, but not the actual satisfying emotional moment where she actually does that, showing the finality and closure.

This is in addition to the usual janky moments of writing in the episode, featuring bomb dogs, turning into a giant snake (literally never helps), dumping her on the floor while unconscious just so you can invite her to shackle herself, and the shocking reveal that… some dude is still alive. Apparently it's her brother? Have we even seen this dude to this point? Were we really supposed to recognize him? Thought for a bit that he was being set up to be the new big bad out of craziness and also give her a new quest, but he just tosses a shockingly explosive vial and then milks the death scene.

But it was more back to the action side, didn't rant or exposit at length over the double cross or even disarmament of lightsaber girl, and wasn't a bad episode overall. It was just a really unsatisfactory ending to this opening arc that also didn't give any kind of direction as to where the story or characters will be going from here.


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