The Princess of Snow and Blood #03 — Charlie’s Angels

April 13th, 2021


Lot of crossdressing this week.


It's definitely leaning into the soap opera intrigue angle more than the badass secret agents angle that I'd prefer, but as long as things keep moving at a decent clip and it doesn't totally abandon the latter, I can tolerate it. This one was more focused on Lightsaber Guy, or maybe Lightsaber Girl, which makes this legitimately Charlie's Angels. She's been running her own cons and backroom deals and been working with the big bad. Also, the big bad was posing as a nice old lady via a Mission Impossible skinsuit in order to kidnap Asahi. You know, the little girl left alone for 18+ hours a day with no protection in a city apparently crawling with monsters and killers. Just saying, man. I feel like you could have put out a want ad and skipped posing as an old woman with a friendly dog for a week.

Unfortunately though, those couple tidbits are about the sum total of the episode. Lightsaber Girl, and no, I don't know her name nor am I sure if anybody's actually said it at any point… Anyway, the initial reveal that she was working her own angle was pretty obvious. "He must have disappeared this way. You two go run off as far as possible. I'll stay right here with, uh, a twisted ankle?" That took a significant chunk of the episode to get to and then it was a race to fit as many reveals and twists into the last five minutes as possible. The pacing could have certainly been better, or some misdirects back in the other way around her towards the start could have worked better. 

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  • NeclordX says:

    why do I have the feeling this people is killing randomly and then try to make it sound like its all some part of a plan? Pieces doesn’t seem to fit anywhere at all.

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