The Princess of Snow and Blood #02 — Passive Aggressive Assassination

April 6th, 2021


Sure is a lot of stuff about having sex with children this season.


Well, on one hand, I would say that the first episode was a lot more fun than this one. More style, more action, more characters being badasses. This one did handle the dramatic elements a lot better than most of the other ones dealing with touchy subjects though. Not so much Sawa's backstory, which isn't terribly interesting. Her ward's was a bit more compelling. Her parents were trying to prostitute her out when Sawa found them and killed them for other reasons. So, certainly mixed feelings about Sawa there, but also didn't dwell on it since she wasn't an important part of the episode. There's also something going on with some of the side characters who want to kill Sawa for her own good, but would rather do it passive-aggressively. That's about as far as that goes though.

As for the non-flashback parts of the episode, they had to escort a woman with eidetic memory who knew aaaaalllll the secrets, about everything. Not that she shared any of them, except the government is busy genociding dissidents and covering it up, but we're already overlooking a literal slave camp on our tram ride, so I'm not sure that comes as a big surprise. Nor does it that the shadowy group of government assassins would kill her instead of dropping her in a boat to go off… uh… wherever. The woman was basically all death flags.   


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  • NeclordX says:

    why the hell go through all the trouble to save her from people that wanted to shoot her to stab her? wouldn’t be more easy just let them kill her?

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