Super Cub #01 — Montages of Landscapes

April 7th, 2021


Life is boring, buy Honda.


I'm not quite sure who the audience for this show is either. People who just want to look at landscapes and listen to elevator music? I guess at least it's not full of the main character's internal narration. You definitely can't say that there's too much talking here, exposition or otherwise. You don't need much when you're just going to be putting up montage after montage of biking around the village. And the big crisis at the end? She ran out of gas and didn't realize it. General Hospital eat your heart out.

I'm honestly not sure what else there even is to say. This could have easily been a five minute episode on length of content, but I'm pretty sure the "nothing happens, tune out your brain and let twenty minutes of your finite life pass by in a blur" is the point. But then just go listen to some dumb ASMR thing on YouTube if that's your bag. God only knows how they stretch this out to an entire season. Usually these kinds of shows are just vehicles for "cute girls doing nothing," but this one seems to be much more focused on selling Honda motorcycles… by looking at shots of landscapes. Not the strangest advertisement for a motor vehicle I've ever seen, but I doubt the most effective.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Frank says:

    You are taking it way too seriously. It is not supposed to be some sort of epic story like SNK, but just a comfy, plotless CGDCT anime. Also, I think that Koguma has a lot of potential for character development anyway. Right now she is on the emotional bottom and at the verge of depression due to lonliness and lack of goals other than just existing.
    Seeing her discovering a passion is a real godsend.

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