Shaman King #01 — Screaming Hydrocephalic Children

April 1st, 2021


Boy, those character designs sure are… what they are.

Oops. First actual terrestrial broadcast of the season. Season preview is officially late. Let me just get through Godzilla so I can typo/spell check it and then it should be up. Actually, Godzilla's second episode only replaced about five minutes of the technobabble with the super janky CGI Rodan bopping around with a super janky mech that was half slapstick. An improvement, I'll grant you, but then it went right back into the babble for the rest of the episode.


It's certainly an obnoxious Jump action show. Maybe it's a little unfair to bag on it for being cliche when it's a reboot of series old enough to have helped write the cliches in the first place, but when people set out to make a new Spiderman or Iron Man, the thing in the forefront of their minds is never "I really, really need to invoke the aesthetics of how corny the 90s were. Bonus points for any racism of the time I can work in." But could at least impress on the action front. It could, but doesn't. Not that it's embarrassingly poorly animated or full of blobs of faceless people in the background or anything like that. It just does action by the standard loud grunts, speedline shot, slow motion with speedlines while the peanut gallery narrates over it, and then the fight just ends. Expect no choreography or style, 'cause you ain't getting it.

One of these days, one of these Jump adaptations will take the Galaxy Angel or Milky Holmes route and go off into bonkersville. It'll be glorious, and I'll love to see it. Every season, I prod at them, hoping against hope that this time will be the one. I can't even personally tell you if this is truly more true to the original than the twenty year old first go round or not, which I assume is supposed to be the draw here. If this is a 'better' version, I think watching the original would only depress me.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    I miss Hunter x Hunter, Hikaru no Go, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Death Note.

    Remembering the manga, this should be at least watchable though. Unless they rush it. Which, given its 52 episodes run, they will.

    Shame it’s unanimated but that’s to be expected with bridge and the runtime. A lot of WSJ adapations nowadays tend to be on the shorter side and get more talented staff as an exchange but with a finished product and this no longer being in Kadokawa’s hands, that wasn’t in the bag in the first place.

    In Manta’s defense, he’s kind of irrelevant and fades out of the story. Which begs to ask the question of why we needed the screaming muggle in the first place but… well…

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    Christ, I remember reading this in Viz’s Shonen Jump and even watching a few episodes of the 4Kids produced version before going “eh,” and skipping straight to DragonBall.

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