Seven Knights Revolution #03 — And Now, Croquettes

April 18th, 2021


Disgusting fried potato monstrosities.


I really wish this had a bit more ambition. It probably still would only be a middling show at best because the production strength isn't totally there, but it's still not embarrassing itself with things like bad speedlines or stills in the way that other action shows this season have already been repeatedly resorting to. A little more effort into the storyline and fleshing out the characters would give more excuse to concentrate the budget into the dramatic scenes for a minute or two that looks really awesome, rather than a longer three to four minute montage of the various dudes and dudettes swatting monsters. Again, not cheaply, but not impressive either.

But so far, the characters and story remain at about Saturday morning cartoon level. This week we had Prince Cat-boy, who after having kind of sucked at a random monster killing mission, turned into a monster due to his self-esteem issues, and had to be friendship-yelled at until he conquered his inner demons. It's not like anybody was gruesomely splattered in front of his face due to his failure or the like. Just sort of "Oh no, I don't believe in myself anymore." Then a dream flashback saying "He's under a lot of pressure." Then people yelling about believing in yourself. I'm not asking for King Leer here. We can aim a little bit higher than this, on both the character and overall story fronts. As least the stick-in-the-mud protagonist gave it a rest this week.


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