Seven Knights Revolution #01 — Power of Grappling Hook!

April 4th, 2021


Needed more train throwing.


It's a shame the protagonist here sucks so much. He's carved from the mold of bland dumbasses who stare blankly at everything. The kind who ask questions like "Why did you let yourself get slightly hurt saving a stranger from being torn apart by monsters? I just don't understand how anybody could not have a callous disregard for human lives unless you personally know them." If we had a protagonist like Vanishing Line's Sword or Rage of Bahamut's Favarro, things would be improved at least a dozenfold. It still wouldn't have the production strength of either of those, or even of its more closely related Chain Chronicle, but we wouldn't have to constantly be suffering his angsy milquetoast intentionally helpless bellyaching. Maybe he'll improve now that he has a dude living inside him that he can partially transform into, but he was a goddamned anchor on what would have otherwise been a decently action-packed episode.

Not that it'll blow people away either, or attract anybody who's not into fantasy adventure. It is a very action-focused episode, and doesn't embarrass itself by abusing stills or having characters spend half of it explaining their themed powers, but it's not going to make the highlight reels either. She has a glaive and shoots lightning. He has a grapple hook. They fight giant zombie monsters that bite people in half and turn them into more zombie monsters. The next episode promising that they're joining battle school was not a pleasant direction for the setting to move in though, but not an unusual one, albeit generally more for light novel things with this premise than gacha-based ones like this is. At least it seems to keep the action up. If it really does, and can introduce a plot with the basic setting stuff out of the way, it could be an okay enough fantasy thing. Or it could bog itself down in minutia, the protagonist remains terrible, and become a banal high school magical fight club thingy without the rampant fanservice of its light novel brethren.

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  • NeclordX says:

    Well, at least there was people fighting monsters in the anime about people fighting mosnters, is sad, but nowdays thats already something.