Pretty Boy Detective Club #01 — Starstruck Vision

April 10th, 2021


Enough with the goddamned eyes.


It feels like it's been a very long time since I last watched a Simbo show, and I can't say I missed it. All his usual schtick is here; excessively ornate backgrounds/rooms, overexaggerated posing, lens flares and super sparkles, nonstop narration that fills every single moment of the episode, and of course, an inability to go 30 seconds without multiple closeups of a ridiculously overdrawn eye. The entire first nine minutes is literally just going over every character and explaining what their personalities and gimmicks are. Then they go on a midnight picnic under the excuse of looking for a star. Christ, it ends with gasping over "When our boss says he'll try, he'll actually try." Wow. What grit. What resolve. Way to stick it to the doubters, Socrates. It is not an episode concerned with tiresome things like "having a story" or "developing characters."

Which is probably for the best, because it's also kind of repulsive in a few ways. Partway through the episode, when she magically appears in their predator-den, she yells at them that they're not great just because they're pretty. They respond to this by laughing at her, calling her a peasant, and saying that all eventually learn their greatness. Then it just gets dropped. Okay, so we've learned that they're arrogant asses, and they back this up by… mockingly reciting philosophy while prancing around? Is this supposed to be them walking the walk and showing that their vanity is deserved? Maybe we need a few more close-ups of eyes.


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