Farewell My Dear Cramer #01 — Look At Me With Your Special Eyes

April 4th, 2021


I'm not sure the people making this show know anything about soccer.


Sure, we could focus on that one crazy girl with the insane eyes who literally teleports around the field. It might even be better if we do. What the hell was up with that? The weird acrobatic stills were certainly one thing that brings into question if they watched any soccer whatsoever before trying to come up with action shots, but… yeah. Then we have the incredible teleporting girl. Who's not even an important character! I'm not sure she has even 10 seconds of screentime. But if we don't focus on her, then we need to wonder why they love drawing people behind waffle fences so much. It's a weird flex, but they're always having to blur them out because they're in the way. Why not just… not have the camera behind them? And then we get to the ED, an actually kind of pretty and rotoscoped affair. Where was all this animation and understanding of how people move and how soccer is played during the actual episode?

Anyway, leaving aside the weirdness of the visuals, this was a pretty boring and generic sports friendship show. One girl is skilled but doesn't play well with others. The other is skilled but haunted by her inability to not self-narrate every goddamned thing happening vague feelings of unfulfillment. To its credit, we spend zero time faffing over the rules of soccer or passing techniques or the like as that kabaddi show did. That they're playing soccer isn't really the focus or what matters. It's very much a drama first with some weird art stuffed in. A corny drama that drags out bagpipes for triumphantly getting the loner girl to high five, if you need a sense of how deep the angst to friendship power ratio goes. It feels… I don't know, unambitious but palatable if you're a big sports drama fan. It doesn't have the joyful chaos of something like Keijo or the production and clear exuberance for the sport of something like HaruKana either though.

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