Combatants Will Be Dispatched #01 — Does Have Cleavage

April 4th, 2021


And not a lot else.


For a show titled Combatants with a character whose schtick is introducing himself as a combatant solely so other characters can respond that it's strange for him to do that, one might expect at least a small amount of combat. One would be sorely disappointed. But sure, this thinks of itself as a comedy, so let's engage it on that front. One character's schtick is that he introduces himself as a combatant, and other characters say that's strange. Oh, hell. I think that I might see a core issue here. You'd think that the petty sexual harassment and toilet humor of things like "set the password to 'dick festival'" would be what turns people off, but I'm not sure it gets far enough along the joke spectrum for that to even come into play. There's just a lack of any real effort all around.

KonoSuba wasn't lighting the world on fire with its wit, but it had at least a little bit of heart and a few twists on the formula in the first couple episodes before it sunk itself into a rut. And yes, I think the comparison is fair (from the same author). They're definitely trying to use similar face expressions to sell the non-jokes, and a greedy, arrogant blue haired girl who is constantly being flustered and outwitted by the protagonist as the lead girl. It's not subtle. This seems more content to ape protagonists like Lupin, but without displaying that they're also highly competent to go along with their swagger, or even any kind of story to drive events, all we really have here is an obnoxious jackass making silly faces for 20 minutes.

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