Blue Reflection Ray #02 — Sad Girls on Organs

April 16th, 2021


Twenty minutes for "check back next week."


I don't have a whole lot to say about this one either, although I'll probably give it a cursory glance next week just because this episode ends by finally promising a fight, and presumably the stick in the mud protagonist dragging everything down to finally sack up. I expect neither to actually happen though and am skeptical I'll watch more than maybe 30 seconds of episode 3. It'd be nice if it surprised me though. And like its fellow RPG show on this day, the budget also collapsed, although was nowhere near as high to start, so didn't have as far to fall. How Back Arrow is being the most animated action show of the day, I have no idea. And yes, I'm including that stupid spider thing. I was bored so I glanced at the episode, and ugh. Still status screen, constant screaming from start to finish, and a comically terribly directed and animated fight to end it.

In any case, over in sad girls land, a very uneventful and dull episode spent standing around, waiting to pick things up from where they were interrupted last week. The baddies are like the goodies, only worship despair and sadness or something. The sadistic tease is fine and one of the few characters with any joy for life in this show, ironically enough. Most of the episode was again spent mincing around about how you should stay out of other people's business, which seems premature considering that there's not much business going on to stay out of. It's one thing to refuse a call to action. It's another to complain about other people wanting to answer calls to action that haven't even come. You need a dead Uncle Ben or something already.


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