Blue Reflection Ray #01 — “Oh No, I’m Alive And Exist in Society”

April 9th, 2021


Boy, sure is a lot of existential magical teenage angst this season.

I should note that there are a staggering eight new shows premiering tomorrow, plus Vivy's third episode. It'll be a marathon with more than a few breaks.


This is not based on the RPG of the same name(s), but intended as a spinoff or part of the same world/franchise, not that I played the game in the first place, although like TWEWY, it's kind of funny that we're just ignoring the game elements when so many other things won't shut the hell up about them. It's a bit hard to get behind the protagonist here, a socially awkward girl with no friends who has a hard time talking to people, when she's paired up with a manic pixie girl who instantly loves her, fawns all over her, and drags her into interacting with her and with other people. Even moreso when she starts getting upset at the pixie girl for daring to interact with and show consideration for other people. How can anybody just… you know… show empathy for or an interest in others? The gall.

I'd much rather be following the story of girl Peter Parker, struggling motorbike enthusiast and part time magical girl. Hell, even the pixie girl shows some hints of being haunted by a previous failure on her own part and desire to change, although here, it's largely demonstrated as "checks on crying girl" and "doesn't sit there and watch unconscious girl fall off building to her death." We're not aiming very high. I think there is some promise here, but whereas a show like Wonder Egg had its protagonist fight to develop and grow with some slick action and trippy visuals, this only really hits on the visuals department. It very badly needs to deliver the action promised in the OP, as well as developing this absolute sad sack of a main protagonist into someone I actually want to succeed, and not just tormented by the general angst of being alive and having generalized anxiety about that.

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